Automotive Batteries

Get the powerful automotive batteries from Todi that are always high on performance. Power up your vehicles and transform your riding experience.

Tubular Batteries

Todi battery holds a steadfast name in the manufacturing and production of high quality tubular batteries that have a longer backup, durability and low maintenance. Get uninterrupted power supply without any loss to your work, entertainment or happiness.

Erickshaw Batteries

E-rickshaw Todi batteries are designed to perform exceedingly well on the roads and provide greater mileage, low charging time and higher battery backup. Our batteries are specifically designed to endure the rough and tough conditions of the Indian roads.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries from Todi are one of a class because of their high output, efficiency and longer battery backup which gives them a greater reliability. Go green and turn to Todi solar batteries to contribute towards the wellness of the planet.

VRLA Batteries

VRLA batteries are Sealed Maintenance Free batteries that are sealed from outside to protect from spillage of the acid content in the battery while handling them. These don’t require regular topping up of water and are low in maintenance. These are also known as VRLA batteries that are Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries.